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Tyler Smith - Sport Psychologist in Training

Why Use a Sport Psychologist?

Sport Psychologists are the next evolution of the modern sporting world. With the use of personal trainers, sports scientists and physiotherapists to improve the physical side of sport, Sport Psychologists can improve those marginal gains on the mental aspects of performance. Using modern techniques, theories and research, areas such as anxiety, confidence, concentration, goal setting and motivation can all be improved upon.

It is said that physical performance is the most important part of sport, but what about the mental side to performance?

What About:

A striker that feels he can’t miss
A basketballer who feels the hoop is twice the size
The Golfer with confidence in every swing, on every club
The cyclist that doesn’t feel the pain
The boxer that feels he can’t be hit

All of this is psychological. All of this can be worked on. There is no challenge too big, if it means improved levels of performance.

My experience of helping men and women, with your own passion for growth and change is a combination for success, to help you improve your performance and take your game to the next level.

About Us

My name is Tyler Smith and I am 24 years old with a masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology (MSc) and an undergraduate degree in Sport and Exercise Science (BSc). I have furthered these degree’s by undertaking a course with the Open University, titled ‘Investigating Psychology 2’ to underpin my psychological knowledge.

I am currently in the process of undertaking my professional accreditation with BASES (British Association of Sport and Exercise Science) and their SEPAR (Sport and Exercise Psychologist Accreditation Route). This will ensure my professional reputation and allow me to practice under the title of ‘Sport and Exercise Psychologist.

My passion has always been in Sport, with a particular focus on being able to help athletes regardless of whether they are at a professional or amateur level. As a result of this passion, I have shaped my career to be in a position to create this business to maximise the potential of all athletes in all sports.

In Sport, the emphasis always seems to be on the physical nature of sport and performance. You have to be the fittest, the quickest, the strongest. But there is evidence to suggest that the mental side of performance is just as important. Whether this is mental health struggles, a lack of confidence, performance anxiety, buckling under the pressure, all of this can be worked on as much as the physical side, to improve overall performance levels.

Sport Psychology is definitely an up and coming profession, with more and more athletes employing professionals to work with them and improve the mental side to their game. Some of the world's most famous athletes have begun to use Sport Psychologists, including the England Men’s Football Team, Kasper Schmeichel, Tom Brady and Russell Wilson.

Ultimately, my job will be to work with you to establish the best way to improve your overall level of performance using a range of tried and tested psychological methods based on what we need to work on. I pride myself on maximising results and performance so that you can walk away a more complete and psychologically sound athlete.

Tyler Smith



Please find below the most popular methods of sport and performance psychology delivery, as requested by players and teams themselves

1 to 1 Consultations

Most common delivery of psychological help. 1 to 1 consultation with a professional to be able to work out potential issues, solutions and methods to develop and improve performance

Education Workshops

Typically, captains and coaches will collaborate on a workshop idea, to be delivered to a group/team of athletes, focussing on a specific aspect of psychological performance or well-being.

Performance of well-being clinics

Teams may prefer weekly/monthly clinics in which athletes can book slots and come in for consultations. Regularly conducted at the training ground or stadium


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